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Originally Posted by Saul Goodman View Post
Just simming a test league and MLB expanded in 2016, however when I reach June 20 2017 it says "Union City has illegal number of players (0)". That is a minor league team of one of the two expansion teams in MLB.

Looking at their minor league teams, they have been assigned two Rookie league teams each both in the Appalchian League but only have enough players to fill out one of those Appalchian League teams each (so 1 Appalchian League team for each expansion team is completely empty).

Only option I had to advance was to go into Commish mode and fill those 2nd Appalchian League teams with fictional players otherwise I was unable to advance the game.

EDIT: Filling with fictional players didn't work originally, had to do it twice just to advance.

I have had a similar issue. I started a regular MLB game in 2015, and a few days after the draft, I got a message saying one of the GCL teams in the farm system of the team I was controlling had an illegal number of players on the roster. It turns out the roster was completely empty. I have played two other regular MLB games controlling the same team and have not had this issue. However, the save having this issue is the first I've begun since downloading the most recent update.
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