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- Using the latest 16.4.17 patch
- I go to Player Trade & Initiate Trade with team controlled by the AI
- Click the Show Ratings dropdown box (below either my team's players or the AI team's players, happens for both) & select Show Ratings (OSA)
- Add a player to either side of the trade or remove a player from either side of the trade & the Show Ratings goes back to my scout's ratings of the players

Can't remember the last time I tried using OSA ratings (my current scout isn't one I'm too inclined to trust too much, so figured I'd give OSA the benefit of the doubt in this game), so maybe it's always been like this & always resetting to Show Ratings (Scout) has been default for awhile and this isn't a bug, but it seems like adding a player to a trade or removing a player from a trade shouldn't change the Show Ratings dropdown box
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