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I think you should put your signature on the hat not just "ballcap creator" this is really impressive work.

I have one nit-picky thing. I just was playing around with the font and I selected my font and the size of 24. 24 was too small, so I selected the font button again and it went back to the default "Microsoft Sans Serif" and "10". The font I selected wasn't in the "Recently used" either.

I have a ton of fonts on my machine if that means anything. The only reason I bring this is up is I had to play around with the font size, so every time I clicked font I had to scroll down to find the font I used (and remember what size I was working with)..

This is just an awesome application and makes building caps much easier than using the template/gimp.

No "are you sure you want to exit?" question when you leave? :-)

Thanks for putting the time into this.

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