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Well Corp has 2 months down. We are heading into June with a 4th place 30-27 record leaving us 8 games back in the Standings. We are 2nd in Team BA with .268,3rd in Runs Scored with 269 and 6th OBP with .338. We go back and forth from 1st to 2nd in Stolen Bases and we now sit in 2nd with 66 which is 1 behind the leader. Our SS Herb Whitney is our most consistent player with an BA of .336 and 21 Stolen Bases. We have one of our players that seems to be finally showing his true colors and that would be LF Miguel Aguirre who struggled mightily the first month plus of the season. Aguirre hit .184 for April but hit .336 in May. This is a much needed bat if we are to compete. We also have a player LF/DH Ramon Gomez who hit at a .324 clip in April but struggled with .176 in May. Gomez I feel will be a game changer to the Corp's good for the remaining months of the season. 14 games out of our 27 loses have been by 2 or less runs. So the staff has kept us in the games. Donovan Boyd leads our staff with 6 wins. Jon Cates leads with an ERA of 3.14 and has thrown 3 complete games which is helping our pen's arms stay fresh. Cates also has 76 Ks to his credit and he also has a league leading WAR of 3.5. Our Closer Tim Gibson has converted 14 of 16 Save opportunities. Over all our Pen is doing a pretty good job and their ERA is starting to look better. We had to send down Lambert and Parker (Parker has been a disappointment so far). So over all the Corp could be doing better and I think will be doing better. Thanks for listening , Maine Yank
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