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and I finally got the time for a quick sit-down with the corporate league representative

First I know I speak for the whole of Corporate League Baseball when I thank you for agreeing to take on the extra responsibility of representing us in the Grand Championship League. As was expected you have represented us with skill and class and we could not ask for more. We know you are well qualified with a win/loss record of 748-350. that’s a .681 winning percentage in the Corporate League for those without a calculator handy, and if memory serves it’s 6 division titles & 3 CLB Championships. So the question is. Is the CLB that easy or has it properly prepared you for playing with some of the best players of the game?

To start with thank you for having me represent Corp in GCL and the KIND words. I would not say the CLB is that easy, just look at the one game playoff game we had with IBM this Season. And the Buzz are stinging our as --- I was saying I would not say it is easy. CLB has given me the prep I need to compete in the GCL having to win Championships against some of the best GMs in OOTP.

What was your mindset/plan going into the Grand Championship League Draft? And how did that compare to the reality of the completed draft?

What I was thinking was get a team that was made up of Ground Ball Pitchers and a Defensive minded Infield and Outfield. One of the main components of our Offense was going to be Speed with some Power. As it turns out I got some of this accomplished lacking a bit in the GB Pitchers but I think our Defensively strong Outfield will make up for some of this. It is looking at this point that we are getting a good mix in our Offense.
What is you outlook for the squad? Strengths, weaknesses and uncertainties?

I am confident that we will show a strong presence in GCL. It may be tough in the division Corp landed in but with the proper tweaking we can make the Playoffs and hopefully WIN WIN WIN. The strengths are our ability to get on base and take extra bases when on them and that our Starters will go a good amount of innings per game pitched. Our Relief Squad looks to be an asset. We show a bit of weakness after our first 4 relievers therefore the more innings from our Starters the better. Another one of our weak spots I would say is getting the quick runs via Home Runs.
Who is your biggest divisional competition?

In my mind it would probably be OTBA. They seem to at this time have a good mix. This will be the team that when we play head to head will tell the story of who will win the Division. I also would not throw PATP out of this fight.
Do you have any constructive criticisms/suggestions for future GCL Leagues?

Not much to criticize here. If I had to pick one thing it would be the style of Draft. I would like to see something like a StatsLab style myself rather than the 3 Round per Draft Night Live Draft. Other than that GCL's League's Michael Branda and Brad Cook are doing a FANTASTIC job with this league.
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