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Corporate League Coverage

commissioner of Corporate League Baseball here, we do a webcast that covers the goings on in 3 on-line leagues & we now cover the GCL. it is amateurish stuff of course and with the bang on my head 6 weeks ago I am wayyyyyyy behind on prep work for proper coverage, but no use crying over spilt milk, we will work with what we have and something is better than nothing.

Corporate Baseball Webcast #11 - YouTube
if any of the participants (or other commish's) would like to sit down and have a conversation please send me a note and we'll work out the details

I will also post updates from our representative in the GCL

Hey guys here is a quick update of the GCL goings on. Positive for the most part. Corporate League are posting an early record of 6 wins with no loses. Our offense is pretty good so far. For the most part our pitching is holding its own. Our LF Ramon Gomez is leading the league with .917 SLG,1.417 OPS,12 RBI,22 TB,and WAR rating of 0.8. Gomez is posting 2nd with Hits and HR and 3rd in Batting average .458 also 3rd in OBA,XBH,and ISO. Our Catcher Gabriel De La Cruz leads league with 5 2B and 7 XBH. He also comes in 2nd with 20 Total Bases and in the top 5 in 3 other Offensive Categories. Our SS Robert Taylor leads with 2 Triples. As far as our Pitching our SP Jon Cates has 2 wins in 2 start throwing 17 innings. Cates leads the league with 25 Strike outs (9 more than the 2nd most) and also leads with 13.24 K/9 , 25.00 K/BB and a WAR of 1.3. Tim Gibson our Closer is leading the league with 4 saves. Also MR Milton Pierce picked up 2 wins in 6 innings of excellent relief work. The Corp are 2nd in Home Runs,3rd in Runs Scored,4th in Batting Average,5th in Stolen Bases as the Offense helps us move towards a Championship Ring. Well that is it for now but more to come. Thanks for listening, Maine Yank
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