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Originally Posted by joefromchicago View Post
New problem: Is there any way to make changes in the world_default.xml file that will be reflected in an established game?

I have a league where I want to make some changes to reflect geopolitical changes, so I edited the world_default.xml file. Those changes, however, were not reflected in the in-game list of nations or nation editor. I can, however, still make changes in the nation editor.

To test whether my edits to the world_default file were to blame, I started a new league. The changes that I made in the world_default file all showed up in the nation list. So it seems that changes to the world_default file will be incorporated into a new game, but they won't be incorporated into an existing game.

I also re-imported the name and ethnicity databases after making changes to the world_default file, but that didn't help. Is there any way to do something similar with the world_default file and "re-import" it?
Unfortunately, there is no way to re-import a world XML file at the moment.
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