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Originally Posted by RSA1066 View Post
I have been searching and I came across some stuff that suggested that player out put for American leagues is just hard coded. Is that true?
Try changing the ethnicities settings for your American leagues in the XML file. The U.S. is set by default for almost all of its players to be of U.S. (modern) and Hispanic ethnicity. My guess is that this means that almost all players will originate from America and from countries where the Hispanic ethnicity can be found.

You might need to change the ethnicities settings under the U.S. nation ID so that higher percentages come from your desired locations. The base total for the U.S. is 3000, and the U.S. modern ethnicity has a value of 2500 in the file, while Hispanic has a value of 420. All the rest have a value of just 2, meaning that there will be very few players of those ethnicities. So try dramatically lowering the proportion for Hispanic and increasing the Asian and Indian representation considerably.

I can't guarantee that this will fix your problem, but it's my best suggestion.
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