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Career dynasty

Hey people, new manager here who enjoys writing up their game and reading other people's dynasty reports. I started a manager career with myself as a Norwegian-Dutch person, will see how far I can get and whether I can get myself an NHL job. I aim to post once or twice every week

First, a short summary of the game so far, the first one and a half years of it. At the start I got signed by Ilves of Tampere, a historic club with quite a bit of talent but not as much money as the big clubs in Finland.


NHL: #3E Arizona beat #2W Philadelphia in 5.
Art Ross (Pts): Nathan McKinnon (COL), Maurice Richard (Goals): Auston Matthews (TOR), Vezina (GK): Jordan Binnington (STL)
Arizona best players: LD Oliver Ekman-Larsson (61pts + 22 POpts), RW Phil Kessel (55pts + 23 POpts), GK Antti Raanta (2.60 GAA/.917 SV%, 2.20/.936 in PO)

Ilves reached the final of the Finnish league, where we lost to Pelicans Lahti after knocking out regular season winners TPS in the semi-final.

Other champions: CSKA Moskva (KHL), Frölunda (Sweden), Zürich Lions (Switzerland), Sparta Praha (Czechia), Red Bull München (Germany), Canada (Worlds), Switzerland (World juniors)


Draft #1: Alexis Lafrenière (QC/CAN) to the Senators.

Get the job as Netherlands senior coach as have that as 2nd nationality. They got relegated to Division II-B so that could be interestingly terribad.

Lots of free agent activity, eventually scoop up G Justus Annunen who had been transferred to Switzerland mid-season last year. Also Czech NT defender Adam Polášek from Sparta Praha, and eventually fill up my foreigner quota of eight. I find a center to build my team around, signing C Juha Lammikko to a 3-year-deal for someone to build around, but it's clear I don't have the financial muscle at Ilves to compete with the salaries teams like Kärpät are offering. Half the team also refuse a new contract so I'll be starting with 13 players next season. I pretty much decide to look for a new job at a team with better finances or in a junior league.

World Cup

Canada won 6 games from 6 and took the title. Europe reached the final despite having no backs, lost 3-6 and 1-8 once they got there. Nathan McKinnon MVP.

Champions Hockey League

Ilves placed 3rd in a tough group, one OTL to Red Bull München the decider. The Swiss league was most succesful in the group stage, but most of their teams failed in the 2nd round. Yet, Zürich Lions won the final 3-0, facing the upset German team of Augsburg; EBEL team Südtirol Foxes reached the semi-final.

My team's season:

September: 4-3-0 (0-0 OT), owner is happy and we're competitive. Should be another tight playoff race.
October: 5-2-2 (0-2 OT), get knocked out of CL but smash Kärpät and rivals Tappara. Our third line is contributing lots of points with RW Antonen the top scorer and C Perttilä being named player of the month. We end the league in the lead despite losing at 2nd-place SaiPa in the last match.
November: 4-2-4 (3-1 OT), we fall back but so do SaiPa and HPK who were following us, the favourites of Tappara and Kärpät are picking themselves up. Last season I had already rejected three job offers by this point, now I don't have any...hopefully I get something soon. We round off the month beating rivals Tappara, but because of the OT point they stay two points ahead of us after 26/60 matches. We only have 9 points down to the pre-play-off zone, so it's still tight.
December: 2-3-2 (2-0 OT), too many close games right now. Contest at GK is heating up as my 26yo Slovak Košarišťan surprisingly gained half a star, given he's contracted for next year I'm gonna try to split time 50-50 from now. We pick our game up towards the end of the month and RW Maccelli take his place as league topscorer with six goals this month, but losing to Tappara at the end of the month sees us fall to third.

I also prefer to have back pairs split into "defensive" and "attacking" pairs; my reasoning is attacking back pairs with good puck and passing skills will play a lot with 1st-line players and will help them overwhelm their opponents. The defensive back pairs play with 3rd and 4th lines who will tend to be forced back in their own zone. Is this a good approach, or is it better to have one attacking back and one defensive back?

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