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Need help with schedules for very short season league

Please know I am not good technologically... don't know how to import and install schedules... if possible, would like step-by-step instructions... I know that is a lot to ask, but they really help me.

I manually do my schedules now, but would hope I can use one of the schedules done by joefromchicago…. apparently created by theHip41.

ILN_BGY_G18_T4_C_HIP.lsdl (2.3 KB, 84 views)

ILN_BGY_G20_T6_C_HIP.lsdl (3.6 KB, 112 views)

Would I use both of these? or is the first for 4 teams and 18 games... the second one for 6 teams and 20 games?

Here's my League Description:
20-game schedule... 6 teams in each league... would play each team 4 times... 2 home, 2 away... 4 leagues... Sunday games only... beginning March 1... no interleague play... hope to eventually have postseason playoffs with the four league winners.

North Island First Division
North Island Second Division
South Island First Division
South Island Second Division

Do I need to install a schedule for each of the four leagues?... or will the game do it all at the same time?... I know currently I have to create schedules for each league individually for each new season.

Each season I have to recreate the schedules manually... the game doesn't apparently keep it season-to-season.
Is it possible to just do it for the first season and have the game automatically create it for each new season?

Would greatly appreciate your help.

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