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Important information about Perfect Team Tournaments

Once closed beta testing is concluded (current scenario: Monday Nov 11, 2019), we will roll out a regular public OOTP 20 patch (version 20.7.xx). This has to happen on a Monday, as that is the same day we need to update the Perfect Team servers for the new league cycle.

The patch will be a required patch, meaning that you must take the new version to play the standard Perfect Team. You will no longer be able to access Perfect Team once we have updated the server until you take the patch. This new patch (20.7) will contain the Tournament feature which will still be officially in beta state; there is the potential for bugs, and the potential to affect main Perfect Team play. So, if we have a bit of bad luck we may have to release a hotfix patch soon after releasing 20.7.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to test the patch in the live server environment prior to launching it publicly because we also have to update the live servers. Currently the closed beta works on our preview servers (seen in the screenshots above), but it's unable to access the live servers at the same time.

So please have patience with us as we roll it out. There will be things that come up that we did not expect, and we will do our absolute best to manage this in the most efficient way possible. We are excited and can't wait for everyone to jump in and have a blast!
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