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Originally Posted by mickey7 View Post
Absolutely horrible graphics (left over from late 80's early 90's)
For what's more or less a management sim, the graphics are actually passable.. And, actually nostalgic for some, as they are the same graphics that Tom Landry Strategy Football used to have back in the day. I played that game in the early 90s or whenever it was popular, so loading up Pro Strategy Football was a bit of nostalgic.

game play on the other hand is excellent, very realistic results, easy to understand, limited options 32 team leagues only, very little GM type action truly a football only oriented game. It's all about the game on the field and is very good from that aspect.
I could be wrong on this, but I believe the new version is going to include leagues other than just 32 teams.

I played last year's version a bit. It didn't really immerse me (I'm more of a GM/world building type player and it's pretty bland on that aspect), but it was a fun game. If you enjoy playcalling in-game I think you'll really like it. There is a lot of depth to that aspect of the game.
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