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Originally Posted by thefatcat View Post
Seriously,you can build your own GPs play by play on offense and do just about everything you want? Defensive play calling is not good I agree.
I do build my own gameplans. And it’s still too reliant on “hidden” factors that determine the outcome of the play. Of course, the hidden factor I’m referring to is the weight of the linemen, backs, receivers, etc—which may be the most overblown piece in this game. And before people say that the weight matters...only to a fine point. Skill and athleticism far outlift weight IRL and it’s simply an odd addition to use as a hidden factor.

Another hidden factor that is particularly dumb is the way that your play is wasted by a pre-snap penalty, thus allowing the defense to “recognize” said play if it’s used again, even though the play never happened because of the pre-snap penalty. This is so untrue to RL because all you’re giving away IRL is the formation. The defense would have to guess what you’re running based on formation and package anyway. A pre-snap penalty doesn’t give the defense some additional advantage beyond knowing I came out in 11 personnel.

And for the record, I have created a team-specific playbook that I tested with the Chiefs. I wrote about it and posted it on the FOF-specific forums. And I create weekly gameplans that are successful enough but leave something to be desired in how the game functions on the play-calling screen.
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