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I need help getting a schedule generated for my online league.

24T 162G either 1 or 2 subleagues, 6D of 4T each.

I have a 24 team online league that I cannot figure out if I want two leagues of 12 or one league of 24 as the playoffs are Division winners (6 divisions of 4 teams) and 4 WCs. The WCs battle it out so only 1 WC moves to second round of playoffs against division winners. Best record gets bye as 2vWC, 3v6, 4v5. 1vlowest seed, other two teams in next round, then championship of last two teams standing.

I dont know if all the teams need to be in the same league to setup this type of playoff. If they dont, I prefer a two league setup of 3 divisons, 4 teams in each division. I'd like 14 games vs division (42 games) 6 vs same league (48 games) and 6 vs other league (72 games)

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