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Originally Posted by Aaron's Aron View Post
Okay, thanks for letting me know. I still have gripes about a couple of players (Hunter Greene and a lot of the other risky but high upside guys), but those are just my opinion and in general the ratings make much more sense in that case. Thank you very much!
Greene's a 65 overall future potential in-game (relative ratings, all positions). That's actually higher than I think you'll find he is on MLB Pipeline or Fangraphs or most other prospect sites.

That being said, I'm always open to hearing arguments on who might need to be changed and why.

But just make sure to view guys in context of the entire league. I think he comes in at like 29 on the top 100 prospect list, pretty much exactly where most of the major sources have him. So if you argue Greene should be a 75 overall fv f.e., that would mean he'd shoot up to 5 or 10 or maybe even 1 and then we'd need to boost the potentials of 20-30 other guys as well to match and have him show up in the proper place on prospect lists and in comparison to his peers.

Then we'd quickly end up back where we were last year

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