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Originally Posted by CMH View Post
It doesn't have to be every four years. Customization !

But also there are so many competitions between the Olympics, you could manage each of those events as well.

I think something that has you as this (fictional?) General Manager of a countries Olympic-type competition sports would be really cool.

You could watch track heats, see the results, select the top runners to run at top competitions and pick your group for the Olympics. All of this while runners are competing in simulated heats in college or whatever else goes on.

Or you could manage individual sports like women's gymnastics. Do all of the same stuff. Read results. Picks teams. Is one girl's ability to vault better than anyone worthy of giving her an Olympic spot over a more versatile girl? Stuff like that.

I like the idea. Could be deep. Could be impossible to develop.

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What he said! That's what I was missing; someone who can flesh out the nuts and bolts of the concept. To make it sound practical. I like it.
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