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Originally Posted by malor View Post
Game indicates Drew had Tommy John Surgery with DOI of 3/5/18 - IE before the season started.
I started the 2018 MLB Quickstart - on Opening Day, the AI assigned Drew to AAA on Rehab, where he pitched multiple times over the next few weeks. Now May 7 and he his shown out with Torn UCL.
Seems funny that I player out with TJS on 3/15/18 was able to pitch and that a team would actually use him.
I'm only simming as the commish (watching the Cubs closely) and noticed this. I'm assuming it is an error with the players status on the roster/injury list.
Thanks for listening.
For some reason he got assigned a DTD injury value in the db. Fixed that now.

Btw, though, roster issues should go here, so I've moved this thread to that one

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