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Originally Posted by risp2out View Post

I downloaded and played through the pre-season and went to play out my first game, but found that there was no ballpark image. Are these somewhere in the QS? Do I need to just load the default image to all? The fact that each park shows a link to an image leads me to believe that, at least at one time, there were park images associated witht he file.

Unfortunately the "ballparks" folder is not included when a quickstart game is exported.

Nearly all of the ballparks in this quickstart are from creations I have done over time. Most of them should be available on PadreFans website - I think I may have finished one or two after that file was uploaded at his site. All of them can be viewed/downloaded at my PhotoBucket page.

I think the file names are the same as they are in the game and should show up when you add the images to you ballpark folder - you will have to ensure the Photobucket files are saved as a .jpg.
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