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Fictional Quickstart - Fictional World

**Now Updated for OOTP13** The version for OOTP13 is available for download with information in this post******

I had always wanted to see more community generated quickstart leagues. I think it is great to see the creativity of other OOTP users and I think more quickstarts would help more new users get deeper into the game.

With OOTP11 on the horizon, I figured I would put out the OOTPX version of a fictional world I created many years ago. The league has started over a couple of times as new features were added to OOTP. OOTP11 will bring version 3 of the league.

The quickstart is set in a fictional country of Kalama. In the most recent iteration of the world, Kalama is self contained, in an Earth-like setting, but there are no foreign countries or imported players. The custom file has population data for over 250 fictional cities.

There are three leagues that interact within the quickstart.

Major League [Kalama Premier League]
16 teams, 2 league of 8 with champion of each meeting in championship series
Active Roster of 25 & Reserve Roster of 35
Annual Amateur Draft from High School Feeder League
Full Logos and Uniforms

Independent League [Kalama Independent Association]

12 teams, 2 leagues of 6 (Top 4 from each enter custom playoffs)
25 on Active Roster & Reserve Roster of 15
No Amateur Draft - Entire roster is filled through free agent signings (usually fringe players not able to make it in the major league)
Full Logos and Uniforms

High School League

48 High Schools (8 divisions of 6 each)
Custom Playoff structure
Default game generated logos and uniforms

I never quite finished all the small details that I wanted with the league in version 10. I would love to have comments/critiques from others that play the league - especially any suggestions on league totals and financial relationship between the Premier and Independent League. I don't want to see potential stars of the Premier league take small paychecks to play in the Indy. Any other observations are also welcome.

All of the associated graphics can be seen in my photobucket account.

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