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OOTP Companion: dat file reader, Team Rater, Dev Tracker, HOF Stds, graphs, wOBA & more!

I'm pleased to announce the release of a new utility pack for OOTPX and OOTP11 called Lighthousekeeper's OOTPX Companion, which is the result of 1000+ hours of development over the last 6 months. It is still a little buggy, but I wanted to share this, warts and all. This utility is currently disabled for online leagues (due to cheating concerns), but is fully functional for solo leagues.

The latest version (v1.8; 8/21/2010) can be downloaded from Just extract the zip file and run the setup.exe file.

This utility provides some functionality that has never been available before. Unlike StatsLab or OOTPOU, this is an application you install on your local machine, and thus is better geared for solo players (although those in online leagues can use it too). Here is a listing of the features:
• Dat File Reader: reads many of the OOTP database files directly, exposing many thousands of stats/attributes/ratings, including hundreds of previously hidden fields. This gives you unprecedented access to your universe's data.
•HOF Analyzer: let's you query HOF candidates (based on retirement year and years of service) and calculates HOF Standards, Fibbonacci Wins, and Black Ink to help you in determining who in your universe is HOF worthy
•Player Dev Tracker: Lets you track the development of player ratings and potential for an unprecedented number of ratings including: batting, pitching (incl velocity, stamina, & pitches), fielding, and baserunning. All ratings can be graphed over time.
•Team Rater: Uses the actual depth charts and pitching rotations stored in the game for each team to rank each team. This is a useful tool to run at the start of each season to see which teams are expected to win the most.
•Playoff Leaderboard: A single-season and career playoff leaderboard
•Plus More: In-season batting average & home run graphs, wOBA calculation, html export (buggy), multi-skin interface, "Similar Players", and more...


1. Dat File Reader (showing Excel-like filtering and wOBA column):

2. HOF Analyzer:

3. Player Dev Tracker:

4. Team Rater

5. Similar Players

Change History:
v1.1 (3/15/2010)
* Disabled application for online leagues
* Added basic playoff leaderboard

v1.2 (3/19/2010)
* Fix bug where some leagues with historicals couldn't load
* Fix bug when reading leagues with unusually high offensive output
* Allow people to load files outside of MyDocuments
* Normalized Team Rater scores to 100 scale
* Added ERA and Holds to Playoff Leaderboard

v1.3 (6/22/2010)
* Now works for both OOTP10 and OOTP11
* Added rudimentary 'Similar Player" feature
* Improved look and feel on player details page

v1.4 (7/4/2010)
* Fix bug where some Historical v11 leagues couldn't load

v1.5 (7/13/2010)
* Fix more bugs where some Historical v11 leagues couldn't load
* Update to work with OOTP v11.2.15

v1.6 (7/15/2010)
* Fix bug where some ootp11 leagues were erroneously regarded as online leagues

v1.7 (8/15/2010)
* Added career playoff leaderboard
* Fixed issue loading leagues that have players with no names

v1.8 (8/21/2010)
* Fixed error in loading some league files
* Fix bug on playoff leaderboard showing minor league stats

Known Issues:
1. Career stats combining multiple major leagues in cases where your universe has multiple major leagues.
2. Exceptions when displaying player development tracker
3. Player dev graphs checkboxes not working
OOTP Companion Utility: dat file reader, Team Rater, Player Dev Tracker, and HOF Analyzer for OOTP10 & 11

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