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The owner encouraged us to re-sign Brown. He retired instead. The owner had no other goals than win and build a dynasty. Glenz, Elliott, Dickerson, and Galvin were all up for arbitration. We were happy making generous offers.

In the Winter Meetings, there was a strong push to expand the League Championship Series to seven games, a move that was accepted.

Mafryd Holden (893 homers, 2nd all-time; 1983 RBI, 3rd all-time) was voted into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot.

Our actuaries reported that the size of the city of Mele’Kiron has dropped significantly; the projected attendance reflects a nearly 14% loss in ticket sales. We’ll have to just persevere. Our budget surplus will be well lower.

Starters Tobias Beardsworth and Nicholas Charton impressed enough in the spring to work their way into the rotation. They helped push our predicted wins to 124. There’s no choice other than to win it all this year. Expectations are obscenely high, and justifiably so. We had only one prospect in the Top 10, RF Rowan Ravenheart, but 10 more in the Top 100—half of them pitchers.

In just his second start, Tobias Beardsworth strained some shoulder ligaments and would be out a month and a half. 26-year-old rookie Gianluca Rosato came up to take his spot in the rotation. We ended the month 19-4, courtesy of a nine game winning streak in the middle. The run scoring and homering wasn’t quite up to last year’s standards, but it was nearly there. We tore off a 13 game streak to start May, opening up an 8 game lead. We lost five in a row late in the month to somewhat bring us down to earth. When Beardsworth was ready to come back, Rosato had done such a nice job (5-1/2.72 in 7 starts) that we didn’t want to send him down. We left him in the rotation and went with 11 pitchers for now, bring Beardsworth back slowly with some bullpen work.

We ended May at 38-13, good enough for an 11 game lead. The surprise in the OTH was Aspermond, who had a 7.5 game lead on the Waveborn in the west. Pickings were slim in the draft. We selected high school 3B Mason Day in the first round and OF Rowan Outlander in the second. Elliott strained a hip muscle and would miss two weeks. Beardsworth went back into the rotation.

Our 66-24 record at the break gave us a pretty good lead in the Division. We weren’t going to hit those 124 wins, but that was a dream anyway. We were first in everything save steals, having pounded out 242 homers. Deeping was leading the league in the Triple Crown categories at .366/41/97. Dockery’s average had dipping to .254, but he still had 26 jacks. Dickerson settled into the starting job at 2B and had 33. Cantor’s average had also dipped to .264, but he had 26 big flies. Averages were down some, but the power was still there. Oakwood and Elliott were 1-2 in wins with 12 and 11. Unfamiliar teams were leading the other divisions, with Aspermond in the OTH West, and Lowenhalle and Stiptar in the OLD.

At the trade deadline, we were 78-26, 17 games up on Dardanov. We were still first in virtually everything. The average had gone up to .272 and the homer total to 277. In August, after losing three in a row for the first time all season, we went on a 10 game streak which included a 24 run outburst and a one-hitter by Beardsworth. We were 99-33 on September 1 with 929 runs scored and 370 homers. We’d need a ridiculous month, especially with resting starters, to break any records. Elliott won his 20th in the first week of September then Oakwood won his on the 13th. With 10 games left, Deeping was out of the batting race, but would win the HR and RBI titles.

122 wins. 1119 runs scored. A new record 435 homers (and that despite homers being down league-wide by more than 10% over the last two years). First in all categories save stolen bases. Only winning the whole thing would do here. Deeping chilled off at the end, but still hit .307/61/142. Dickerson’s first year as a full time start proved useful as he hit .266/58/138. Dockery finished at .275/55/123. Cantor hit .277/49/116. Fjursson .268/47/111. Ravenheart positioned himself for a rookie award by putting up one of the few 30/30 seasons in TBL history, hitting .286/49/130 and stealing 30 bases. Crossbow, on the wane, still hit .280/33/81. Bors Elliott had another fine season behind the plate at .270/23/74. Oakwood was 22-6/3.00, Elliott 22-3/3.69, Caertania 16-3/3.68, Beardsworth 15-2/2.74 in only 19 starts, and Charton, who would go to the bullpen, 16-6/3.25. Giancarlo Petito saved 34 games with an ERA of 2.27.

Netherkirth’s Nicolai Gurilev put up the only three-homer game. Aspermond’s Gregor Sterling had a 9 RBI performance. Dardanov’s Laird Coppermine and Shalane’s Newton Beck pitched no-hitters. Dardanov’s Laird Scarthane had an 18 K game.

In the OLD, Salmyr made a late charge but fell short by a game to Lowenhalle in the East. Stiptar won 98 games and took the West. A new champion emerged from the OTH West, as Aspermond beat Gala’Kiron by 7 games. The Thoroughbreds won more games than the numbers might indicate. They were fourth in runs scored and sixth in allowed. Their top hitters were SS Einar Coppermine (.258/36/78), RF Oddleif Parrish (.254/37/98), and CF Eddard Nethermere (.297/26/103). On the mound, Damian Yakushkin (17-6/2.91) was their only top arm.

It would be the first seven-game LCS. Caertania gave up four homers before Jones pulled him and the Thoroughbreds went on to an 11-3 rout. The Survivors tied it up with a rout of their own, a 13-4 drubbing in which Dickerson homered twice and defensive replacement Cole Firstborn hit a grand slam in the eighth. Oakwood pitched seven innings of one-hit ball before tiring and Petito pitched two perfect innings to preserve the 1-0 win in Game 3. Cantor homered twice and drove in four as the Survivors took Game 4, 7-1, Beardsworth giving up only two hits and striking out 10 over 7.1 The Thoroughbreds stayed alive as Nethermere hit a grand slam in the bottom of the sixth to fuel a 5-2 win. Back at home, the bullpen blew a 7-3 lead, giving up six unanswered runs, and the Thoroughbreds pushed the LCS to Game 7 with a 9-7 win. Gavin, Ravenheart, Elliott, and Deeping all homered in Game 7, as the Survivors won 8-3, staving off another bad playoff loss.

We’d play Lowenhalle in the Series, the OLD’s second-best offense, led by RF Florian Renoux (.310/42/140) and CF Florian Barbe (.277/32/106). They had a legit rotation of Kirk Sharpshield (19-7/3.65), Vladimir Litvinchuk (15-11/4.34), Adama Allingwyl (12-9/3.76), and Tiro Mason (12-12/4.97). Former Survivor O’Ryan Mooney had 38 saves and a 2.51 ERA. The Lions were no pushovers, but we were heavily favored.

Caertania was masterful over 7.1 in the opener, shutting them out on six hits. Blitz mopped up the rest of the 4-0 win. A dramatic Game 2 went down as one of the most memorable in World Series history, as the Lions battled back from 5-1 down, scoring runs in the sixth, seventh, and eighth to take a 7-5 lead. Ravneheart hit a dramatic two-out three run homer in the bottom of the ninth for a walk-off win. In the no-DH park, Oakwood went seven strong to pick up his third playoff win and Ravenheart had three hits and four RBIs to win 8-2 and go up 3-0. After the Survivors had tied Game 4 in the top of the ninth, Vael Breakstone hit a walk-off solo shot in the bottom of the ninth, keeping the Lions alive, 4-3. More drama as the Lions scored one in the bottom of the ninth to tie and one in the tenth to win, 3-2, Litvinchuk and Mooney holding the Survivors to just two hits. It was back to Mele’Kiron. The hero would come from the unlikeliest spot. After Blitz had blown a two-run lead in the ninth to allow the Lions to tie the game at 3 (all the runs being unearned on uncharacteristic errors by Galvin, Dickerson, and Dreamcatcher), Theron Ammramm, who had only 63 at bats during the regular season, pinch hit for defensive replacement Dreamcatcher and hit Mooney’s first offering into the cheap seats for the first walk-off homer win in World Series history. The ghosts were banished for now. Three championships in the last four season and four in six had the word dynasty being bandied about.

Fireman of the Year: Petito (1), getting 14 votes, Glenz got 10.
Silver Slugger: Elliott, Dickerson, Deeping, Crossbow, Ravenheart, Dockery
Rookie of the Year: Ravenheart
Manager of the Year: (6)
Ristonofer Trophy: Oakwood (3 in a row)
MVP: Deeping (2). Was going to make it hard to not sign him.
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