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Pike Street Grounds, home of the Seattle Captains

Pike Street Grounds is one of the top tier ballparks in the world because of context. The park is set right on the bay in downtown Seattle, with the left field wall right up against Margarito Bay, named after former player Johnny Margarito. Margarito was known for crushing homeruns into the water at the stadium, especially his walkoff 3-run shot that sent the Captains to the Championship Series in 1957. The radio announcer famously called the play: "Holy Margarito that ball is gone and the Captains are moving on! They oughta name this place after him!"
This park features bullpens in foul territory, which is something that I hadn't done with a park yet. Also, the manual scoreboard built into the left field wall was made entirely from scratch and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. As an aesthetic choice, I decided that all of the advertisements on the outfield wall would be all-white to coordinate with the scoreboard. No LED ribbons on the inside of the parK, either, although there is a four-stripe motif painted onto the plaster on the outside of the park.
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