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Honestly, FHM 5 still overload to perform a proper sim league.... not easy for GM, about

- Importing stuff
- Updating Save
- Following the rules properly
- Often they send buggy line up with player in a line up but not in a roster, cause a sim crash....
- Buying a game at 45$....... when sths client is free
- Etc

OOTP had to work harder about how to perform a better league system.

They had to.....

- Exporting data in html files, readable for the GM
- Export/Import save from the game itself... avoiding any manipulation of a GM wasnt good in computer... etc
- Able to import a line up from any date. Means i did a mistake on a NHL line up from one of my GM, but wasnt able to re-import hes line up. He had to redo all the work put on it....

Still better than EHM released in 2015.... but a lot of improvement to do

The biggest + on FHM versus STHS.... STHS you had to create one by one any prospect. You cant have a **** load of player to scout etc.... The way you do in STHS 10day sim per day IRL 3x a weeks is ''doable'' but the engine of STHS about rerate player after a season is more efficient for NHL IRL sim.

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