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Originally Posted by Rspen46 View Post

I've posted a 100 times on Pryor, so here is 101, Pryor was not a Bomber with 1 handed KO power as you mention, Pryor was fast, quick and hit hard with both hands, the only fighters he Knocked out with 1 hand with the worst bums he ever fought which was 98% of his fights, but even most of them were not 1 handed Ko's, his accumulation or combo's or throwing of more than 1 Punch was what put most down, I worked out at his 2 gym's in cincinnati for years before he moved to Miami to workout, and he still kept his gym open and visited when home, no one is his camp considered him to have 1 punch Ko power, but everyone always talked about how hard he punched with both hands, but never a 1 punch ko fighter to anyone around him, he even said if I get a few good shots in, he is going down, not once did he ever say, if I get that 1 punch I will knock him out.

Ray Leonard was a very sharp puncher, but not a bomber. Like Aaron Pryor who resided on division below at Jr. Welterweight, Leonard stopped opponents with an accumulation of punches as opposed to a single punch.

Good stuff 46, very interesting!

I loved to watch Aaron fight - I recall a rating of him in the old card game & I think his KDR 1 was a 3 so he could get dropped but that usually meant the other guy was in trouble because Aaron would just turn it on.

And Ray being a sharp puncher, Randy Shields once talked about both Ray & Hearns. I think he said Ray's shots were sharp & I believe he said the shots from Hearns landed with more like a thud.
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