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Just been fiddling around with the schedules in a test file this afternoon and it does seem the numbers that teams are read in the schedule changed due to the name change.

On the MLB schedules, Los Angeles were team 12 and Houston team 11, but after changing the name to Anaheim OOTP is now reading the Angels as 11th team and Houston as the 12th team which is why the schedules have flipped. It's a bit weird as in the grid you can bring up on the schedule screen it still shows Houston as the 11th team on the grid and Anaheim the 12th, which is what was throwing me off.

Thankfully OpenOffice provides an easy way to quickly flip the numbers around, have to spend about 10-15 minutes changing their starting times for each of their home games as those can't be easily flipped, but an easy fix at least.

I guess this is a quirk with the MLB schedules and changing a team name (and thus changing their alphabetical order in their division) can cause teams to swap schedules.

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