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Tips for a firstish time player

I have played this game for years, but mostly I used to run hands off Fantasy leagues (Such as my National Baseball league setup) or just watch historical matchups.

I really do not want to do a current MLB team, and was planning on running a fantasy league.

So, the question becomes.

1. What is a good year to start a fantasy league if you are going to be a GM? (as it simulates as baseball changes) Should I go all the way back to 1870s, or 1900, or so on?

2. What are some tips for someone being a GM for the first time in OOTP 20, and really has played only one season as a GM and forgot everything about it/

3. do you recommend a bog standard setup, or set up something unique?

4. Is there something I am not even knowing about that I should avoid or do to make it a better experience?
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