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2021-22 Update: The Rift Grows (Vincent)

After two years playing with the Des Moines Buccaneers, Vincent's life long dream comes true, playing NCAA hockey. His first season was very great but not to the standards he's become to be known for only putting up 96pts but he turned it around in his final season and put up 102pts and accepted a scholarship to attend Clarkson University and is currently ranked 4th on the Futures list for the 2023 NHL Draft. Once again his family is moving, this time to Postdam, New York, to be able to attend all his games and be closer to their other son Travis or so they thought.

Travis played two years at Tabor wining back to back National Prep School Championships. For the first time in his career he was unable to upstage his brother in points. In his two years he only put up 48pts each year. On the personal level he was able to land himself a girlfriend but landed himself in deep **** by accidentally getting her pregnant. Unable to bear the responsibility of fatherhood, he forged his parents signatures and signed with the Powassan Voodoos cutting all ties with his family and girlfriend.

After two years with the Jr. Buccaneers, George was not able to post the same numbers as he did with the South Shore Kings. It wasn't his fault, the level of play wasn't the same in Iowa as it was in Massachusetts. But George didn't blame his teammates, he blamed his oldest brother Vincent for making him constantly move. Not willing to move again to New York, he and his parents finally came to an agreement where his parents are willing to send him to Sweden to train with the same team his idol, Henrik Lundqvist, trained with at the same, Rögel BK, and will be playing for their U14 this season. And yes he and Vincent haven't spoken to each other since moving to Des Moines.
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