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Originally Posted by BKL View Post
I guess I'm asking, do I just optimize the numerical and countering roles, or should I also be looking for nuances of the tactical role - such as "a punishing defenseman gives me a better numerical advantage and is a countering role, but I'm down by 1 so I want my defenseman to be more I'll pick offensive defenseman event though I'll lose a little tactical advantage?"
Yes, each of the roles adjusts some of the player's attributes. So, for example, if you assign your centre to the screener role, his Screening score will get an increase, but his Passing one will drop. That may make sense if you've got him playing with people who can either get the puck to him in front of the goal, or get into shooting position on their own without needing the centre's playmaking skills. But if he's the only guy on the line that can distribute the puck well, they're probably going to be less effective. Or, as you've mentioned, if you desperately need a goal, choosing more offense-oriented roles will help. It's a balancing act, though, between doing that and still choosing roles that are the most effective at executing your tactics and preventing the opponent from executing theirs.
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