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Things I would like to see in this game. Classification of players. For example labels for players such as top pair dman. top 6 forward, bottom 6 forward. 1st line guy, 2nd line guy, fringe player ect. If a player is classified as a top 6 guy and he's getting bottom 6 minutes he should become unhappy.

Players requesting trades

Wildcard Standings.

A section that shows trades only. So we don't have to weed through everything else. There should be a filter where you can filter out what you want. Also in the main section where you can look at transactions the recent transactions needs to be at the top because the longer into your game you go the longer it takes to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the most recent transactions because you are forced to scroll all the way down (you can't just click on the scroll bar and pull it down to the bottom) which can take up a decent amount of time if your game has been running for 10+ years.

An AI that is more intelligent when it comes to team management and cap management. FHM2 was no where near as realistic as it could have been when teams would not re-sign their superstars (Kopitar, Stamkos) because they couldn't properly handle being close to the cap. This caused way too much talent to enter free agency making it super easy to build a team. Also the game loves to hand out some really low contacts sometimes to players that deserve to get paid. I guess that ties into the game not being able to handle cap crunch situations.

I'd like to see the individuality schedule section cleaned up. I'd like for it to look like a calendar and if not at least show how the game was won. It doesn't say if it was a win inOT or a shootout or anything like that. Should have an L or W ect.. next to every one of your teams games so we can quickly access how they are doing.
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