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Originally Posted by brent_dog View Post
I'd like to see the following in FHM3:

1) Cross-version functionaility. If this isn't possible from versions 2 to 3, I think it is definitely something that should be a priority for FHM3. No-one likes to lose their successful dynasty every time a new version of the game comes out.

2) More realistic ageing. It seems that as soon as you see that first dreaded -1 appear against a veteran on your development report, his attributes start to fall off a cliff, regularly losing 2 or 3 points a month. There should be greater variation on the speed of decline for every player, not just when that decline starts to happen.

3) More importance on player happiness. It makes no sense to me that a player who is unhappy with his ice time would quite happily sign another contract with my franchise, yet this happens time and again in FHM2. Player morale / happiness should be factored into contract negotiations and other situations.

4) Better player chemistry. Broadly similar to my point about player happiness above. Lets use the FHM2 Evander Kane as an example - he's an absolute dream to own, the goal scoring power-forward he should be in real life with none of the dramas and drawbacks we all know about. What I want is to see those dramas have an impact in FHM3, whether in terms of news reports and dilemmas I have to act upon as a GM, or in terms of the general funk such a disruptive personality might cause within my dressing room.

5) More variable scouting. In our multi-player league, pretty much every pick in the first round of a draft has been a slam dunk, home-run success. I want to see more in the way of first-round busts along with some mid-to-late round steals.

6) Salary retention. If it can be done in the relatively basic EA 'Be a GM Mode' I don't see why it can't be in FHM3.
Nice list! I love the idea of salary retention. OTOH, I'd like to go on record as saying I'm against the idea (for now) of using cash as an element in player-AI trades. Retaining salary is a great way to open a slot by sending a player to a team that otherwise couldn't fit him under their cap, but my concern is that players will simply bamboozle the AI by buying good players all of the time or selling older players. Balancing trading AI is very difficult IMHO and adding cash to the mixture will make the developers jobs even more difficult. (I know you're not proposing this, but others have.)

I love the variable scouting idea! That's difficult to do with History mode, but they manage it fairly well with the game as it is now. Using FHM development mode instead of historical development allows some players to perform better than they did IRL and others to fall flat. I like the idea of providing greater variation to this and making the Scouts really work.

One final note, I wonder if the game could simulate how well some players act as player coaches? I think this adds to your point. Some players are locker room cancers, but others add more than merely their on ice presence. The game seems to do this to some extent, but I'd like to see a little bit how some players literally elevate others around them. That would make some of the fading veterans more valuable IMHO.

Btw, I have never completely understood the role that fighting plays in this game? Other than getting you penalty minutes, do your fighters alter than in-game events? I've looked in the manual and searched the forum and can't find a definitive answer.

EDIT: I need to mention again that I hate my iPad and typing on this thing. It makes all my messages look like they're being written by a stupid, inebriated, chimp.... but I don't drink, so I know I'm sober.
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