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Originally Posted by JeffR View Post
That sounds like something has gone wrong with the update installation - you may want to uninstall and do a fresh reinstall (just take the option to keep your saved games and settings when doing that.) The other possibility is a corrupted save, but I'd try the reinstallation first.
I did that and it seemed to fix it. I deleted all my files though and just started from scratch. It still briefly stops "responding" whenever I save, but that takes a few seconds at most, not a game breaker.

Any idea about teams not hiring replacement GM's if I don't sign an extension? Is that maybe a Steam specific issue, since I haven't seen any other posts about it on here and couldn't find anything when I searched so I'm really confused about what it could be. I did post about it in the Bugs thread with a lot more information about it and some pictures to show what's happening.

Anyway, I forgot to mention in my first post, you guys made a really good game here It's a major step up from FHM 2014, and I can't wait to see what FHM 3 brings. Keep up the great work.

EDIT: The bug doesn't happen when I resign from a team, however it used to in an earlier build but that isn't an issue anymore. So I bought the game via the OOTP website (eSellerate - may aswell support the developers twice lol) and it has the same bug where if you reject an extension and then sim past June 30, XXXX you'll still get notifications from the team although you're unemployed. It works properly if you resign on June 30 before simming to July 1, on both the Steam version and the eSellerate version.

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