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Originally Posted by Hadehariast View Post
Excellent bonus update! Many thanks!

Questions regarding the College/Junior/Europe preferences-- I've looked through the initial draft class and all of the Euros I've looked at (probably 50+) have 'Junior' as a preference. Did they all get set to that as a default?
The 2016 NHL draft class? No, the ones actually playing Canada will have the junior preference, but Laine, Puljujarvi, Lundestrom, etc. are set to Europe.

Or is this a reflection of them looking at the different preference table for high-potential players? Also, are these static preferences or dynamic preferences based on performance, potential for ice time, injury, loyalty, etc.?
Static, set on generation at the start of the game.

Also, looking at some of the sure-fire NHL prospects from Europe, guys like Andrei Vasilevskiy and Jonas Brodin, who are either in the NHL or knocking on the door-- they have 'Europe' listed as a preference. Are they at risk for bolting to Europe when they reach free agency, or is this a reflection of their historical path to the NHL? Ditto for established stars like Victor Hedman and Erik Karlsson.
Just a reflection of the historical path, I've been setting those for a while now in case we want to make use of it in historical mode at some point. Once they've got North American experience, it won't make a difference in their willingness to stay in North America.

A couple of questions regarding depth charts-- when looking at another team's depth chart/prospect chart, are we seeing how they rank their players, or how our scouting team ranks their players?
Yours. Anytime you're viewing other players while running a team, it'll be from the standpoint of your scouts.

Also, do the rankings for current ability strongly favour defensive ratings for defenders, rather than offensive ratings? I currently have Jake Gardiner sitting in 8th place on my Maple Leafs depth chart, behind such luminaries as Stuart Percy, Stephane Robidas, Scott Harrington, and Martin Marincin.
No, there's no bias towards either offensive or defensive ratings for defenceman. Mark Streit starts at the top of the Flyers' list, for example (although Gostisbehere will typically pass him as he develops during the season.)
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