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FHM2 Bonus Update, Version 2.8.61, Now Available!

Our bonus update for FHM2, version 2.8.61, has just been released.

To apply the update if you are playing the eSellerate version of the game, simply download the setup file and install it over your current installation. There is no need to uninstall or unlicense your current copy! However, you should quit the game before installing it, of course. If you are on Steam, the update should occur automatically, either as soon as we make the file available or when you launch the game, depending on your Steam settings.

Download link for PC:
Main server: PC Installer

Download link for Mac:
Main Server: Mac Installer

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but any fixes involving the database updates in the update will require a new start to be fully effective, and some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

General notes: We hadn't planned on doing another update, but as we began work on FHM3 it turned out that one of our early interface changes, the addition of the often-requested depth chart, was very easy to add to the older code. So, rather than make you wait until next year, we decided we'd give it to you now as a thank-you for your ongoing support of FHM. That also gave us the opportunity to throw in a few more small tweaks and fixes in other areas, where it was quick and safe to do so, and make some small database adjustments.


1. Elite player generation for the non-major hockey countries (outside the top 8-10) has been tuned down, the B-Pool type nations can still occasionally produce a player that's a potential NHL star, but not a superstar and only very rarely (i.e., no more than one every couple of decades.)

2. Potential among generated players has been rebalanced at the highest level, so the talent distribution of the Superstar/Hall of Fame caliber players will be less uniform. Basically, more 5/5.5-star players and fewer 6+ ones. Additionally, the allowable range for potentials in generated players has been increased slightly.

3. Junior preferences (college vs. major junior vs. Europe) in generated players adjusted to increase the number of players, particularly higher-potential Europeans, willing to play major junior.

4. Players' junior preference is also now visible on the player screen (Profile page, Contract section, at the bottom.)

5. German league and playoff rules updated.

New Additions:

6. A depth chart view has been added to the Team menu (at the end of the list, after Scouting.) It lists all the players you currently have signed or own the rights to, in approximate order of their current ability. In addition, there's a prospect roundup that identifies your top younger players (in order of overall potential), and a list of all the draft picks you own in the next three drafts (assuming your league has a draft.)

Bug Fixes:

7. Higher-potential European players should now use a different table for selecting their junior preferences, as intended, instead of all players selecting from the table intended for lower-quality players.

8. News stories about award winners should no longer appear twice at the end of the season when playing a major junior league.

9. Miscounting of CHL protected lists during the CHL Import Draft fixed.

10. KHL two-way contracts should now function properly.

11. WHL third-round playoffs should now seed correctly.

12. The database typo that put Milan Michalek on the Senators' roster in the Current start is fixed, he'll be a Leaf now.
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