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Can I add Language ID 40?

I took the time to create a nameset that I gave the language ID of 40. However, none of those names are appearing in the game. Instead what I get is a mishmash of first name/last name combinations from other langauge IDs.

These are the steps I took:

1) Created a list of first names and added them to the first_names file.
ex. Jex,1,40 (all names end in ,1,40)

2) Created a list of last names and added them to the names file.
ex. Dwarfkin,1,40 (all names end in ,1,40)

3) Added a language ID to the ethnicities file.
ex. 40,Aoian,200,200,200,200,200

4) Edited the World_Default.XML file to add the new place and put 40 in every "lid" section for continent, nation, state, and city. Screenshot attached.

When I start a game, I have no problem loading up the test country, Godland, with cities from that country all appearing as they are supposed to. However, all of the names are messed up. Instead of my created names, I get names such as: Hyun-jung Bergman, John bin Ubaida, Renault Cashmann, Jean-Noel Esaulov, etc. Those are certainly interesting name combinations, but not what I want.

What did I do wrong? And how can I fix this?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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