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Originally Posted by archibalduk View Post

However the head coach of Solent & Gosport stated in an interview last October that the top NIHL-1 South teams have wage bills of 2,500 per month. For a full 52 week year that's 130,000 (although I'd expect players would only be paid during the 28 week or so regular season). My guess is that the money goes on just the top players of the team (and the weaker/junior players probably just get their expenses). Invicta is one of the teams understood as paying players wages. Considering it seems they're not paying the likes of Callum Best and Joe Bliss (two of their better players - the two who are referred to in the quote above), I wonder who does actually receive any form of salary.
Interesting info, I didn't realise this. That's a decent amount for such a low-level team, wonder where they get it from?

The NIHL looks like it might end up being a fun league once it's finished!
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