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Is OOTP 9 compatible with Windows ME or Windows 98?

Is OOTP 9 compatible with Windows ME or Windows 98?

Yes, it is, but...

The OOTP 9 system requirements lists Windows Vista and XP as minimum. We cannot promise that OOTP 9 works on a Windows version prior to Windows XP because we don't test it. Nevertheless, some users run OOTP successfully on Windows 98 or ME.

Since OOTP 9.2.2 we're using MS Visual Studio C++ 9 to compile and link the OOTP executable, which made OOTP 9 incompatible with Windows 98 and ME. So we had to release an alternative executable file which has been compiled with the good old MS Visual Studio C++ 6 again.

These are the steps to install the alternative exe file:
  • locate the OOTP program directory, look for the file ootp9.exe
  • rename the file to ootp9.exe.vc9
  • if there's a file ootp9.exe.manifest in the directory, rename it to ootp9.exe.manifest.vc9
  • download the ZIP archive from
  • open it and copy the file ootp9.exe into the OOTP program directory
That's it! OOTP9 should then work on your Windows 98 or ME.

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