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Bummed about no online in FHM3? Here's some good news! The FHM2 online league iNHL is still alive and kicking, just about to start off our 4th season. We have a really active GM community and some really cool features, like the League Portal, which lets you access the game environment from anywhere, a Skype chat for convenient contact with other GMs, a podcast and plenty of buzz going on around the league.

Our three first seasons have seen three different teams hoist the iCup, and we anticipate another thrilling season ahead of us. Come on down to the Forums and sign up, and you'll be managing your team before you know it!
iNHL Commissioner

iNHL is the longest running FHM online league in the world

- Semi-realistic, modern-day NHL league
- Active, friendly community
- Own research team adding new prospects to make drafts more realistic
- Running for over four years straight, 10 seasons in FHM2 and on our 5th in FHM6
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