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PING: reds1 - Histo-Fictional League Banner needed

Hey there, reds1...

I've seen some of your phenomenal work on the various logos and banners and was hoping that I could bug you for one

PBRL (Professional Baseball Replay League) has just transferred over to a new site here:

We've got everything up and running...except for a banner. The current one is left over from the template and serves only as a place marker for now. We're a "historical league" that uses actual teams, parks and logos, and fictional players. Currently we're in 1914 in the midst of the deadball era.

If you're willing, I hoped you could design us a banner for the league in the same dimensions: 1000 X 100.

The general idea I had was the following:
  • A league logo on the absolute left
  • The words "PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL REPLAY LEAGUE" immediatelly to the right of the logo
  • Followed by a number of photographs from various eras of baseball flowing from left to right
  • Ideally the photos would go from sepia to black and white to full colro from left to right
Of course, I'm not dead set on that idea. If you feel like marinating the idea in your creative juices, feel free to do so....

Thanks in advance if you decide to take this on
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