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October 2054

Roster assessment - starting pitching
SP Ryan Hurley (age 37, RHP, 1.5*): 8-6, 2.84 in 2054
SP Scott Hale (age 32, RHP, 3.5*): 1-6, 4.82
SP Butch Davis (age 25, RHP, 4.5*): 17-9, 4.49
SP Manny Clemons (age 22, RHP, 2.5*): 6-16, 4.63
SP Fred Bowling (age 30, RHP, 1.5*): 10-10, 4.75

Three-time all-star Hurley and fellow veteran Hale lead the rotation, but are on eye-watering contracts. Hurley will earn $23m next year, while Hale is owed a whopping $65m over the next four years. Davis and Clemons are two good young right-handers who struggled at times, but are both still a year away from arbitration eligibility and I think will play an important role for us over the coming years. Bowling is departing as a free agent; I will be seeking a lefty to fill his spot.

Shunnar Jabbar (age 20, SCL #16 prospect) and António Ramos (age 23, SCL #71 prospect) have promise but both are likely to remain in the minors for at least another year. Jabbar flopped in 7 relief appearances as a September call-up, but I feel was brought up prematurely and has the talent to become a good second or third starter if nurtured carefully.

Roster assessment - bullpen
CL Doug Bradley (age 37, RHP, 2*): 3-14, 6.16, 39 SV
MR Chet Andrews (age 33, RHP, 0.5*): 0-2, 2.27
MR Paolo Barreirinhas (age 31, RHP, 1.5*): 7-9, 4.41
MR Jerry Hayes (age 36, RHP, 4*): 4-0, 5.29
MR Pancho Jaimes (age 35, RHP, 1*): 2-6, 3.01
MR Miguel Roa (age 29, RHP, 1.5*): 2-1, 3.77
MR Alejandro Suárez (age 35, RHP, 1*): 10-5, 3.44

Bradley, five times an all-star, has been one of the league’s best relievers since making his debut in 2039 and has exactly 400 career saves. But his advancing years seem to have finally caught up with him and his performances fell off a cliff this season. His 2054 numbers demonstrate the meaningless of the saves statistic. He is one of five of this group, along with Andrews, Barreirinhas, Hayes and Roa, whose contracts are up next month and who will be departing the organisation.

The only hold-overs into next season will be the veterans Jaimes and Suárez, with the latter taking the role of long-man and emergency sixth starter. Two of those spots will probably be filled from within the organisation: LOOGY Mark Forrest (age 29, LHP, 0.5*: 1-1, 2.73) and rookie Wes Adams (age 21, RHP, 3*: no major league appearances). The other three places, which will need to include a closer and a lefty setup reliever, must be filled from free agency, as Jabbar and Ramos are the full extent of our pitching depth right now and they aren’t ready. I hope to restock the bullpen over the winter and from the draft over the next few seasons, but in the meantime this could be a real weakness in this team.
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