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Originally Posted by Déjà Bru View Post
"Mariano Rivera, the career saves leader whose elegant efficiency helped the Yankees win five World Series, became the first player ever elected unanimously to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday."
I'm generally a pacifist, but if anybody could find a bad word to say about the man, I think I might have to punch them in the mouth...And then feel shame...Because Mo would not approve.

For one night in his life, Vernon Wells can say he got the better of the only unanimous HoFer in baseball history so far. That night was Thursday July 20, 2006 when he hit an 11th inning walkoff HR off Mo.

Interestingly enough, the starting pitchers that night?...Mike Mussina for the visitors and Roy Halladay for the home side. Ah, baseball...You are the most incredible game ever invented.

Picture below is of Vernon circling the bases in triumph. I'm quite sure Mo walked off the field with quiet grace and dignity holding his head high because...well...that was what he always did, even in defeat, and even in defeat in games with much more at stake. What an amazing human.
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