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Anyone else watching the Yankees....

... a thread inspired by the long-lasting and useful "Anyone else watching the Knicks..." thread which, while nobody else really is watching the Knicks around here, is a useful sounding board for me.

Also, I am impressed by the staying power of the "Mets" thread which looks likely to continue uninterrupted for many a season to come. Why bother having a new thread every year for the same old team? (Good or bad as they may be.)

So this is the thread that I am going to dig up and post to from now on whenever I have something to say about the New York Yankees. Welcome.

Here we go: I hope Troy Tulowitzki is the starting shortstop until the return of Didi Gregorius. Let's face it, he's a cheap solution to the problem, a one-year rental at the league minimum salary (the Blue Jays are paying him the rest of his contract because they released him).

But why do I hope Tulowitzki is the shortstop? Because I do NOT want Manny Machado on the team. Nobody has asked my opinion, though. Maybe they will read it here.

EDIT: But Bru, Tulowitzki is 34 and hasn't played since 2017 (66 games). Can you count on him? Answer: Don't care. I'd rather have Tyler Wade (.167 in 2018) play SS for the Yankees than Machado. Think of it this way, too: When Gregorius does return, what happens to him if Machado is on the team? Is Didi out? Probably not. Then does he move to 2B or Machado move to 3B? Either way, that's the end of the Yankee potential for either Torres or Andujar. I would much rather have either of those guys around than Machado. Why? Because Machado is the type of man who disgusts me and will be bad for team chemistry.

- Bru

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