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Not quite 300 wins...

The next two guys, because they got so close…

Ed Reulbach: 299
Was a teammate of Nick Maddox for most of his career with New York. Was about the same kind of pitcher, but definitely better. Did not have to wait for HOF induction.

Vida Blue: 296
Played his entire career for the Astros, so he was one of the first expansion HOFers. Just excellent all-around - was 296-195 2.99 for his career. Did everything well, but of course pitching in the Astrodome artificially kept the HR totals low. Won four CY Awards and made 10 All-Star teams. Was also 2nd place in the CY Award voting three additional times. This information did not exist until sometime in the modern era, so I don’t know about this for most of history.

Special honor: Kid Nichols
If you look at Kid Nichols’s stat line, it doesn’t look so impressive. He went 202-159 in his 12-year career in Cincinnati, and his ERA was 2.81, not particularly impressive for the deadball era. And yet Nichols was the first inductee into the Hall of Fame, a special honor I gave him specifically. Why is this?

Well, as you may know, Nichols started his real career way back in 1890. In real life, he pitched until 1906, won 362 games, and is an obvious HOFer. When I started my league, I started it in 1901 and included no statistics previous to the start date. So all of the veterans that started in 1901 kept none of their real-life accomplishments from the 19th century.

So it is notable that if you look at Nichols before 1901, he was 311-167. To be honest, in real life, he had a few good seasons in the early 20th century, but his real career was before that. But in my league he won 202 games in the 1900s. Which means that if you include his real-life career before that point (which is not part of the “official” RL record), he would have 513 wins. This is more than the real record, Cy Young’s 511 wins, maybe the most unbreakable record in baseball history! This was the first time that someone in my league did something that eclipsed the real record, at least for something significant.
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