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Originally Posted by Ty Cobb View Post
I've noticed a lot of gouging like that going on. I just shake my head and click Buy Pack shortly thereafter. n They're pricing regular folk out of the missions, and trust me...if they do that much more, it'll start to impact profits...that's what I'm fearful of anyway. <<putting on fireproof suit waiting to get flamed—too early in the day by far for a Crown rocks>>
These missions are hurting the market imho... People are now sitting on cards that have yet to have missions attached to them yet and specifically sitting on those with Teams that have yet to drop missions. The supply is down drastically and the prices that are up are through the roof.

4 weeks ago I was able to find multiples of the Players I am trying to buy up to fill one my my Team based theme teams. Since they have no missions yet folks have figured out if they hold onto them they will be worth a premium for what, all of about 24-48 hours if they are lucky enough to list them first and have the compulsive buyers gobble them up before the prices settle back down.

So my nefarious plan to stock up on my team before their missions drop and wake up one Monday morning to see a list of all of a sudden completed Missions has hit the wall...
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