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Originally Posted by TBiz View Post
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2020 is here and Seattle has taken on the name of the Seawolves. Based off the Rugby Team in Seattle, The NHL team will take form with the same name as they agreed on terms to share the team name and logo.

What seemed as though time flew to this moment, Seattle managed to get things together before entering the expansion draft.

Small notes to follow is the GM decision in Terence Baker.
Little Professional Hockey experience, they picked this man up from his performances at the World Cup Tournament where he was the GM/Coach of the Belarus team for the last two years. The team started out ranked 16 in the world in the first year of his take over. The team went on to finish with a record of 5-1-1 But lost in the Semi Finals to Sweden.
The second year they began the year Ranked 11 in the World. Finishing with a record of 6-1-0 Record , making it to the Semi Finals again to lose to Finland. The team is now ranked 7th in the world as it prepares for it's third year under Terence's lead.

Many feel this is an extremely risky play by Seattle, but they have faith in the rookie GM to bring Seattle a good few years of rebuilding.

GM and Owners decided on picking up Head Coach Adam Oates to take on the lead for the team. Adam Oates is known very well for his NHL career. 22 Seasons in the NHL gives him the experience and knowledge of what hockey is all about, but his career as a coach is yet to be tested, as he only has 2 seasons as a coach. Both being with the Washington Capitals from the 2012-2014 season. He coached 130 games for the Washington Capitals posting a 65-48-17 Record. Never making the playoffs in either season and was fired after his second season with the team.

Another risky play by the Seattle, but they believe in Adam Oates who has taken a break from the game since being fired from the Washington Capitals. A fresh start could be what is needed for Oates coming into a new team.

Below is an image of the roster picked from the expansion draft.
Attachment 640900
How the hell did you manage to do that ? No way I reach quarters if I play with weaker team than Germany or Suisse....can you put some screenshoot ?

Congrats !
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