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Originally Posted by kenyan_cheena View Post
Will NBA 2K20 have Klay and KD out injured for the correct period of time in Association Mode (or whatever itís called now)?

Also, will it keep track of all the draft picks the Pels and OKC have accumulated?

Yes and yes

There is a way to load in a season that has real injuries turned on. Itís not always accurate. It does not have every injury and for some injuries like the Markelle Fultz and Kawaii Leonard injury mysteries they just have to guess.
Also for long term injuries they just have to guess as well. Durant will probably miss all of 2019-20 and Thompson will probably come back in March or April unless the Warriors have no chance of making the playoffs.

In game they just have to give them those injuries based on their model. A torn ACL in game is 6-8 months pro rated from him tearing it in late June.
So expect him back in game around January-early March

As for future draft picks, this is in game including pick protections and pick swaps. They are almost always 100% accurate.

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