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Originally Posted by Hacksaw86 View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I may go the fictional route first; I have always enjoyed txranger's logos and jerseys and it will be fun to implement those.

Mr. Marlin, do you usually take control of a team right away, sim a few seasons first, or never GM a team?
I do a few things:
1) Upon creation of the league I'll delete all of the players.
2) Then set up the player creation parameters appropriate for the year the league starts.
3) Then autofill all the teams with fictional players.
4) Create 100 or so free agents of middle to low quality
5) Create 50 or so free agent coaches, team staff
6) Fix the financials of the league appropriate to the era
7) Assign fictional contracts to all players and personnel
8) Sim for 20-30 seasons to build up a history.
9) Take over a team or just look for open jobs.

Steps 1-7 takes about 10 minutes. To sim 30 season on my laptop takes about 45 minutes to two hours depending on how many teams I made.

I love fictional play. And all the quality mods like TX Ranger's work and others you can make it yours and really bring it to life. There are no preconceptions, no expectations, it really is a clean slate. I kept on running over 100 seasons with one rule: no logos or teams from the real world. It had to be 100% fictional. It never got stale.
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