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Originally Posted by allenciox View Post
I also think that the NL is less competitive than the AL in this particular league. By my count, the AL has six mini-whales, and the NL three (no huge whales with all the top cards)..

One thing apparently, is that the "dolphin league" (some really experienced players who are not the biggest whales, but have many of the best second-tier cards) also got put with us so I think that is part of the reason it has been hard to compete.

My apologies about my miss for the Cottons. The current stats show the Monuments with a 9.1% chance and the Cottons with a 2.0% chance of getting a wild card spot.

FYI, my Weston Point Caspers were also in Perfect this season, after being a wild card team in Diamond last year, but then winning it all. Even though their team is significantly worse than the Energizer Bunnies (they are also FTP but have some LIVE players) they actually are doing somewhat better, only `16 games below .500 in P413. My main point is that next year we might be in better shape (hope so).

I have added all your teams to the friends list for the Weston Pointe Caspers.

The Raccoons are a mini-whale I suppose, but they too have found this league to be more challenging. A hot August put us back to "normal" record wise, but our pitching has not done nearly as well as this year and our defense (relative to the rest of the league) is the worst it's ever been. So for me, this league does seem to be the strongest overall, though it's also the first league I've been in that didn't have a true whale in it.

I hope you get more people to join so you can have a more enjoyable experience and if my ftp Mud Hens ever make it to perfect, I'll definitely want to join your group. The Mud Hens should make the playoffs and with a little luck, they might get promoted to gold.

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