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I'm interested in joining but may not qualify which i completely understand. My Coney Island team was promoted to Perfect way too early when they were trying to fill leagues in Perfect-I was coming off an 86 win season which was the 12th best record in the league. I won 69 games my first year and realized I was going to be "stuck" So I reluctantly spent some money (unless I have the chance to win money or a prize to me this is a F2P game) and sold a couple of good cards to at least be competitive. I have been in OL for two weeks now and it is more enjoyable to be in a league with people you "know" than playing solo with random strangers. I'm a couple of rungs below whale but not f2p either. Any changes to the below will only come from using PP, people can spend their income how they want but I can't justify spending another dime on this hobby. I'm good with whatever you all decide of course.

The make up of the team:
3-100's (all pitchers-Seaver, Gooden and Dibble),2-99's (Mungo Mays),5-98's (Brown, Hubbell, Sandberg, Speaker, Yastremski),4-97's (Clemens, Guidry, Gibson, Shoeless),2-96's (Rivera, Freeman),3-95's (Kent, Maddux, Sheffeild),1-93 (Clemente),2-91 (Rizzuto, Buddy Bell),1-88 (Pudge Rodriguez),1-85 (Travis),1 69 (Lavaliere)
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