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Originally Posted by tem316 View Post
2)Allow a function to offer a buyout of an Aged Players huge contract. I love rebuilding teams, and I love the chemistry building functions, HOWEVER I rarely will start a replay where I Use Challenge mode, with a rebuild team of overpriced players, AND the team chemistry turned on. Using all three sucks the joy out of the game real fast.
OOTP tracks 10 years of dead money, including the current year. A buyout would likely spread the contract value over the 9 future years adjusted for the league's inflation value, which isn't too hard to code.

It would make more sense if the game had more dead money years, most obviously with the Bobby Bonilla buyout which went 35 years into the future.

(Bonilla doesn't even hold the record, as Darryl Strawberry's went 43 years into the future.)
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