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Originally Posted by tem316 View Post
Two things really need to be in the New XX edition or added soonly! Both would be for people that love playing Challenge mode as a GM.
1) Allow the "Make this work" function available to both teams. Shopping a player is okay, but sometimes you just want a little more for a guy then a single player. Allow the searching Human GM to ask WHO is available to be added to the deal.

2)Allow a function to offer a buyout of an Aged Players huge contract. I love rebuilding teams, and I love the chemistry building functions, HOWEVER I rarely will start a replay where I Use Challenge mode, with a rebuild team of overpriced players, AND the team chemistry turned on. Using all three sucks the joy out of the game real fast.
Thanks for listening, I'll jump down off my soapbox and start playing again.
Maybe not a "make this work" for the other team, but a "I need more" response to a trade proposal, and you can get a reply saying, sorry no more, or a counter offer
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